A Message from the Founder on Joining The Access Group

Timothy Munro // The Access Group

ChangeGPS has been Acquired

 I'm excited to share the news that The Access Group has purchased ChangeGPS!

 Why am I excited? 

The Access Group has over 8,000 accounting firms in APAC using its software, including APS, Handisoft, Elite and Fathom - and its software lodges over 40%* of all individual Tax Returns lodged in Australia. This now gives a huge exposure to these firms of the power and benefits of ChangeGPS.

 Back in 2016, I started ChangeGPS to help accountants give better and faster advice to their clients - so Accountants can help the mums and dads of Australia be better off.

 While I'm thrilled that we have done this, I feel that there is so much more that can be done. Having The Access Group behind ChangeGPS will allow us to make our awesome software even better and allow us to open new service areas for accountants that are desperately needed in coming years.

 We've spent a lot of time recently with key people at The Access Group, and we can confidently say that we share the same values and ideals about helping accountants. We've had a number of offers to buy the business over the past few years, and The Access Group is clearly the best fit when it comes to the big-picture vision of how accountants can be given the software tools and confidence to best help their clients.

 I've committed to staying with ChangeGPS and The Access Group for the next few years to oversee the release of a number of new products that have been in the pipeline for many years. I strongly believe these will be game-changers for the Australian accounting industry.

 A big thanks goes out from me to David Boyar, our CEO, who has done an amazing job over the past 4 years to massively grow the business and our member numbers, and also to our passionate and enthusiastic team, who are equally excited as I am to help accountants help their clients.

 Also, thank you to some amazing mentors I've had over the years - Barry Lambert, Paul Dunn, and Greg Hayes - who I've learned so much from and tried my best to inject their best ideas into my businesses.

 Thanks to the many people I work with on a daily basis at ChangeGPS and Change Accountants & Advisors - and of course to my wife Lyndall, my daughter Savannah, my Mum, and others in our families who have always supported our hard work.

 In summary 

It's business as usual at ChangeGPS, but now with a massive backer in The Access Group. You'll be absolutely delighted with what we have planned for accountants over the next 12 months and then longer.

 To learn more about ChangeGPS and The Access Group, join us at The ChangeGPS National Tour in your local city,

 To all the Handisoft, APS and Elite accounting firms out there - we look forward to catching up with you soon and helping you to appreciate how ChangeGPS will give you fantastic Tax Planning, Estate Planning and Asset Protection advice software (plus more) that you haven't had integrated access to before.

 To all our current member firms - we've got some fantastic releases in the pipeline that we're sure you'll love. We can't wait to share these with you!

 You'll keep getting the regular web event "Accounting! With Dave and Tim" (Australian accounting's highest-attended regular webinar), and you'll see us in person at the incredible new events that we've started planning.


A message from Dave & Tim.

ChangeGPS - An Access Group Company


*Individual agent prepared tax return 2022.