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[On Demand CPD] 2022 Financial Statements + Tax Return Workpapers Masterclass

Do you want to get your entire team to have an efficient and standardised Year End process? Invite the whole team - even your juniors! - for our 2022 Financial Statements and Tax Return Workpaper Masterclass. With a consistent “one-way for everyone” approach, your firm will be able to: work efficiently to deliver year end, the same way, for all clients de-risk by ensuring all work is produced to an exact quality standard train your employees with a comprehensive client service system and simplified workpapers You'll join ChangeGPS Founder, Timothy Munro, and CEO, David Boyar who will deep dive in to our most popular workpapers, utilised by thousands of accountants across Australia.

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[Live Event] A Better Future for Accountants.

An afternoon of strong decision-making about the future of your practice. Pre-XeroCon | 6 September 2022 | ivy Sunroom, Sydney

Live Event
[Article] What is the VPP method?

Our VPP Method helps your firm monetise its valuable advice clearly and systematically, so you don't feel like you're pressuring your clients and you're not constantly having tough conversations with them. How does it work? It’s as simple as using our VPP email template.

[On Demand CPD] Client Advice Action Hub

To help you and your team reset and get back to the “big picture” services that matter to clients, ChangeGPS is hosting the first ever Client Advice Week.

Action Hub
[On Demand CPD] Estate Planning Action Hub

Get the confidence to advise with the secrets of estate planning

Action Hub
The Accountant's End of Year Game Plan

With a comprehensive end of year strategy to help your clients take advantage of robust tax planning, you will also help your firm maximise its profits.

[On Demand CPD] Tax Planning Masterclass - How to communicate your strategies so you get paid more

This Tax Planning Season you can find new ways to impress your clients, automate your tax plan reports and standardise your advice to help more clients, all while de-risking your practice.

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What the Section 100A Trust Distributions mean for your clients

In one of the most significant updates to family trust legislation in decades, the ATO has released a raft of long-anticipated guidance material that directly targets how trusts distribute income

[HOW TO] Section 100A: 5 Steps for Your Firm

Your free client email and guide to actioning the Section 100A Ruling updates in your firms

[Download] Section 100A Action Hub

Learn how communicate the ATO rulings to your clients and educate them on the impact to their financial situation in 2022 and future years.

Action Hub
It’s Tax Time, and Tax Planning Can Pay

Tax planning time—does it feel like it’s getting earlier every year? That’s because it is. Every year we see more accountants accessing more tax planning features—and this year Tax Plans are up almost four-fold on January 2021.

[Event] 2022 Tax Season Launch

The 2022 Tax Season is here, get your team prepped to visualise value for clients, but build revenue for you and launch the year’s service plan.

[HOW-TO Guide] Setup Your Succession Plan

You may have delayed organising a succession plan for your business but now you’re ready to sit down and do it. Here are some often-forgotten elements that you should consider.

Succession Planning for You and Your Practice

Having a succession plan in place is crucial to ensure a smooth transition when you’re ready to leave – or if you’re unfortunately no longer able to work.

[HOW TO GUIDE] Turbocharge Your Estate Planning Practice

Effective estate planning is a critical element of your clients’ overall financial plan, but it may also be an area you’re reluctant to discuss with them – that it belongs to the “experts”.

The profitable way to manage your clients’ ATO debts

As COVID subsides, the ATO is returning to the strong engagement tactics we saw before the pandemic. At the same time, your clients could be struggling to get their businesses back on an even keel following the impacts of lockdown, border closures and problems with supply chains. They may well owe money to the ATO. In this case, you can help them manage their tax debts and build your business in the process. These tips show you how take a proactive approach.

Why accountants should be at the centre of the estate planning process

As an accountant, you help your clients to set up companies, trusts and self-managed super funds. You ensure they don’t pay more tax than they legally need to – and you know their business and personal finances inside out. Yet, when it comes to estate planning and asset protection, you probably hand them over to a lawyer who might understand far less about tax, superannuation and other critical considerations.

Eight secrets of Successful Estate Planning

These top tips will help you build a more effective and profitable estate planning business.

The Eleven Essential Estate Planning and Asset Protection Documents

Estate planning is a valuable service for your clients. It can also help you to grow your business by providing an extra stream of income. These documents cover off all the paperwork you need and, when you’re using LightYear Docs, creating them for yourself is as easy as keying in the relevant details.

How a family protection trust safeguards assets

A key reason clients visit accountants is to learn about asset protection strategies – especially if they’re vulnerable to potential litigation. But while a common strategy is to put assets in the name of a non-working spouse, a recent court case has exposed how this approach is now less than ideal.

How you can own the estate planning space

Offering additional services to your clients can be a little nerve-wracking. We break down some of the most common questions accountants ask about moving into estate planning, and what you can do to “own the space”.




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