A Message from the CEO on Joining The Access Group

David Boyar // The Access Group

I am thrilled that the next phase of ChangeGPS will be with The Access Group.

In January 2020, I jumped at the chance to join Timothy Munro because no other app made me $30,000 within weeks of using it in my practice, but ChangeGPS did.

Timothy asked me to take ChangeGPS to the next level by expanding the already market-leading product he had spent 12 years slowly building and making sure more accountants could get more love, more time and more profit.

With The Access Group - ChangeGPS is now charging into its 4th phase, each phase of growth delivering its own highlights.

Founded by Timothy Munro, CountGPS launched in collaboration with Count Group, we were nothing more than cloud-based folder with highly valuable downloadable templates to run a practice and advise clients. Cutting-edge tech for its day!!

The second phase saw Timothy take full control of the business, allowing him to invest responsibly in advice automation and the ChangeGPS platform you now love.

I joined for the 3rd phase, which delivered a 5x increase in ChangeGPS members, development of our leadership team and a massive investment in the product team, which has grown 10 fold! And, of course, preparing the business to get a fantastic exit outcome and courting the offers from various parties who wanted to take ChangeGPS to the 4th phase.

Access Group was the clear winner. They will now help us get to the 4th phase and deliver our mission.

Our mission is clear - to get as many accountants as possible to benefit from the more love, time and profit ChangeGPS delivers so they can live happier lives and help the mums and dads of Australia.

The investment, the growth and our passion for accountants mean that we will be supercharged with Access Group behind us, I didn’t hesitate to sign on with them and continue our work.

A huge thank you to Timothy, who I love working with, to our members who continue to challenge themselves on their ChangeGPS journeys and, of course, our wonderful team whose passion for members and product is on show every day.

A message from Dave & Tim.