Taxplan Plus

Would you like to help your clients pay less tax? Would you like access to 75 tax planning strategies and year end recommendations, all researched and pre-written for you?

Would you like to create an unlimited number of tax strategies and compare the outcomes for your clients? 

Would you like to be able to create a stunningly beautiful Tax Planning advice report for your clients in colour, with pre-written content, with ideas to reduce their tax - all in less than 5 minutes?

Finally, you can, with "TaxPlan Plus" by ChangeGPS.

"TaxPlan Plus" allows you to deal with any combination and number of company, trust, individual, partnership, and SMSF entities. You can easily allocate trust distributions and dividends to and from multiple entities to model the tax outcome, and clearly see the tax impact of super contributions, even using a SMSF.

During April to June, use TaxPlan Plus to create a professional Tax Planning Report and Action Plan for your clients, branded with your firm information and logo. 

And from July to March, use TaxPlan Plus to create tax forecasts and scenarios for your clients to help them choose the best wage, PAYG and income splitting options.

TaxPlan Plus is the perfect tool to demonstrate the tax saving impact of your advice.

Key Features of the app

  • fast + accurate
  • 53 pre-written strategies + 24 tax recommendations
  • quick profit estimates
  • scenarios to show the best outcome
  • forecast final positions with group distributions
  • tax rates and calculations kept up to date for you, instantly
  • clear, easy to read and beautiful report
  • highlights tax saved - your value to your clients

A report of this quality allows you to easily charge your business clients a minimum of $750 plus for your advice, and smaller clients a minimum of $250. How many of these reports can your accountants create each month, especially during the busy tax planning months? Used properly, "TaxPlan Plus" will easily generate tens of thousands of dollars of extra revenue for you each year.

Wow! So easy, so fast, and so helpful for your clients.

The Value to You - $10,000? $25,000? Even more?

We know that even small accounting businesses can easily do 25 small client and 50 business client tax planning meetings over the next few months – resulting in over $30,000+ additional revenue plus the extra work requested from your clients as a result of this meeting.

What if you have 100 clients doing tax planning at $500 each? That's over $50,000+ revenue, and with the TaxPlan Plus report taking you just 5 minutes to create, it gives you a massive amount of profit for your advice.

Massive ROI

You can start using TaxPlan Plus right now for $330 per month for a minimum 12 month subscription.

You only need to do one basic Tax Planning Report for a client per month to cover this. It’s that easy.

You get immediate breakeven – and then every additional Tax Planning Report you charge clients for is 100% profit to you!

And with our the new Tax Forecast Report and Tax Scenarios, like us you’ll find your team will use it all year – even in the July to March period for helping clients understand their tax payments and planning for income splitting in family and complex business groups.

"TaxPlan Plus" by ChangeGPS - The smart way to grow your accounting business!

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