Your Tailored Implementation Plan

Scaling Soft Skills

To help you and your practice achieve your goals and exploit all the features of ChangeGPS, we’ve created the Annual Strategy Review, which provides a tailored approach for your training and implementation. 

What you need to do

Become a member and answer our call! Our Member Success Managers will reach out to walk you through the implementation process and will then be in touch regularly to ensure you have everything you need to reach your goals.

We’ll be your success coach to help with implementation strategy and accountability, as well as working with you to get the most out of your ChangeGPS investment.

The new Annual Strategy Review process will allow you to

Boost Your Revenue

Accessing ChangeGPS features you haven’t used before or might not even know about can easily unlock extra revenue for your practice. 

Build Your Software ROI

Discover the ChangeGPS features that will help you reach your goals. Get coaching for you and your team on how best to use them. 

Increase Your Efficiency

Get help setting the best goals for your ChangeGPS use, then learn the tools you need to achieve them quickly and easily. Plus, training for your staff.  

When you’re a ChangeGSP member, we’ll be right there to help you reach your goals.


Annual Strategy Review

We’ll get together once a year and review your usage of ChangeGPS over the past 12 months to identify what has gone well and where can improve. Then, we’ll identify the goals we’ll work on together for the next 12 months.  

Executive Business Review

The annual goals will be broken down, and we’ll touch base quarterly to review how they’re going. We’ll also walk through the best tools and resources for achieving the goals for the next quarter.


Team Training

Along the way, we’ll identify opportunities for staff training to ensure your team is skilled up and ready to tackle the challenges ahead. Imagine the time you’ll save when someone else is training your staff! 

Real Experiences from Accounting Professionals

Don’t go it alone! Find out how you can boost your revenue with ChangeGPS and the included Annual Strategy Reviews today.

Book an obligation-free consultation with us today.