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    • Protect Pro Features

      Personalised Client Report

      • Customisable Cover Letter
      • Overview of Asset Protection
      • Client's Objectives and Concerns
      • Wealth Transfer and Asset Protection Plans
      • Explanation of Key Concepts
      • Recommendations and Associated Fees

      Report Generation & Management

      • Strategy Guidelines in Reports
      • Step-by-Step Report Wizard
      • Direct Strategy Assignment
      • Structuring Advice
      • Saved Report Modification Capability

    • Client and Group Management

      • Client Group Manager
      • Import from XPM
      • Management of Assets and Liabilities
      • Strategy Allocation
      • Fee Customisation

      Comprehensive Resources

      • Service Delivery System
      • VPP Client Service Offer Email
      • Structuring Advice for Strategies

      Presentation and Communication

      • ‘ClientView’ Presentation Mode
      • Export to Word or PDF

    Automated Asset Protection &
    Estate Planning Advice Reports


    Wealth Transfer Plan

    Easily calculate and document the transfer of assets to individuals and entities. 

    Asset & Liability Report

    Keep an on-demand record of your client groups' assets and liabilities. Link debts to assets for a comprehensive view of the client's financial position.

    Pre-written Strategies

    Access a pre-written strategy bank approved by SEPPEPA, stored in one location to advise clients and scale your service offering.

    Client Advice Report

    Demonstrate the value to your clients in securing their wealth in the event of divorce, incapacitation or death. Articulate the benefit in using their family accountant to oversea the asset protection and estate planning process by avoiding family provision claims.

    Offer an Essential Service

    The Asset Protection and Estate Planning report can secure your client's wealth for generations to come. This invaluable service provides an opportunity to capture new revenue for your firm with each report valued at $1500, with up to an additional $30k in revenue up acceptance of the report recommendations. 

    “Immensely helpful. Don’t know what
    we’d do without GPS”.
    Shaun W

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