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Our focus at ChangeGPS is to help you and your practice achieve your goals with tools that make it easy. 

That’s why we approach things a little differently. We're all about transparency, proving the value we bring, and helping you every step of the way. 

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Discovery Call

Once you’ve heard about us and the great things we’re doing for others and have got in touch to find out more, our first step is a 15-minute discovery call with a New Member Consultant. 


The aim of this session is to get a feel for where you are now and where you want to be. We will use this information to plan our next steps, considering what tools we will look at and who will be involved in the process. 

Product Demo

The next step is a 30- or 60-minute session with our New Member Consultant to run through the tools that we identified in the Discovery call as priorities, provided we both think there’s potential. 


We’ll show you the features of ChangeGPS and how you can best use them to achieve your goals. And you can ask all the questions you need to make sure it fits with your company outlook. 

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Follow Up Email 

We’ll send you what we call a VPP email. This stands for Value, Plan, and Price and is the proven method we use in all assets provided for your client communications. The VPP method clearly outlines the expected value, the plan to achieve it and the price.  


Our email to you will give an overview of our demo and outline the Value, Plan, and Price for our recommendation. 

Sign-Up Session 

This session is a chance to run through any questions arising from the process so far, and to step through the sign-up process. These meetings with our New Member Consultant usually last around 15 minutes. 

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Platform Setup Session 

In this meeting, your Member Success Manager will delve into the essentials for maximising your use of ChangeGPS, such as assigning user licenses, customising your branding and letterhead, connecting with integrations, managing your subscriptions, adjusting your profile settings, and accessing our training and support resources.  


We like to get this 30-minute meeting held within your first week so you can start working towards your goals quickly. 

Launch Session 

In this 45-minute meeting, we’ll assess your motivation and capacity for implementation and deliver initial platform navigation training. With your company’s ChangeGPS Champions as the key stakeholders, we’ll strategise on one to two quick wins for immediate ROI from the product. We’ll have a Launch Session monthly for your first quarter to ensure maximum benefit to you and your team. 


These sessions with your Member Success Manager will set the stage for a successful partnership. 

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Annual Strategy Sessions 

Once youre all set up and comfortable with the platform, we’ll get together once a year and review your usage of ChangeGPS over the past 12 months to identify what has gone well and where can improve. Then, we’ll identify the goals we’ll work on together for the next 12 months. This meeting with your Member Success Manager will be about an hour long. 


Executive Business Review 

The annual goals will be broken down, and we’ll touch base quarterly to review how they’re going. In this meeting, your Member Success Manager will discuss training needs, highlight achievements, and strategise on optimising ROI for the next quarter and the best tools and resources for achieving that, ensuring a strong foundation for continued success in our partnership. 

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