Why a good Client Service System is Important (and can maximise profit!)

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One of the biggest roadblocks to streamlining the operating efficiency of an accounting firm is not having documented systems and processes in place for the actual accounting work.

While most accountants understand the need for systems and processes, taking the time to create them amongst busy day-to-day deadlines can often prove challenging.

Even when they are created, putting them into practice requires firm-wide dedication. As even the best systems will provide little value if the only attention they receive is a cursory update every few years.

When properly constructed and implemented, an effective Client Service System will provide an invaluable range of benefits. A great system:

Educates and prepares the team

Having the redundancy to cope with work delegation and approvals will not only provide a firm with the flexibility to manage absences, holidays, or other operational interruptions, it will embed a culture where everyone in the team knows what they need to do. 

An effective system will ensure everyone knows what their roles and responsibilities are so they are clear on what they need to do. It will also make sure that they know where to find and have access to the information they require.

In doing so, firms not only have the best chance of safeguarding business continuity, but staff, clients, and practice owners can avoid unnecessary complications and stress before it is too late.

Communicates with clients

A great system also communicates with the client and brings them into a firm’s processes. While many practices may have comprehensive and cutting-edge technology facilitating effective communication and the completion of tasks and checklists, many fail to incorporate the needs of the client.

Accountants are entrusted with clients’ intimate dealings, with the ability to impact many significant decisions, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Enabling a robust connection between accountants and clients is critical to maintaining trust and the consequential value it can create for both parties.

Maximises Revenue

Underpinning a firm’s Client Service System should be maximising revenue.

While this may require spending more on useful technology tools, or hiring additional staff, by standardising a practice and creating "one way" of doing things across an entire firm, businesses can maximise production and minimise review times.

By taking the time to implement standard operating procedures to maximise revenue, staff can be completely clear on what they need to do. They will understand what is required to be delivered to the client, how to engage them, and how much time and effort is necessary.

Ultimately firms can be confident that they will output exceptional quality work, repeatedly, while delivering exactly what has been promised to clients.

At ChangeGPS we believe most accountants don't make the money they shouldso don't do anything that doesn't maximise revenue!

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