[Article] What is the VPP method?

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Every accountant has been there. A client calls up and asks for advice and in the interest of keeping a happy customer, you graciously provide your insights and send them on their merry way. Everybody is happy. Except you haven’t been rewarded for your valuable time. At ChangeGPS, it’s no secret that we believe accountants don’t get as much love as they should! The problem for many firms is that your clients often don’t understand the amazing value you give them… unless you tell them.

And that’s why we created the Value Plan Price Method.

Our VPP Method helps your firm monetise its valuable advice clearly and systematically, so you don't feel like you're pressuring your clients and you're not constantly having tough conversations with them. How does it work? It’s as simple as using our VPP email template.

Communicate VALUE to your clients

One of the core problems that accountants often have is expressing the value they provide. Show your clients what would happen WITH and WITHOUT your advice. 

At ChangeGPS we define value in five different ways:

  • More Profit
  • Less Tax
  • More Wealth
  • Time Back with Family
  • Peace of Mind / Less Stress 

By clearly and succinctly outlining to your client, what your recommendations are, and how those recommendations will benefit them, they will instantly see a winning outcome.

They will know you are the skilled expert… and they will be better off with your advice. 

PLAN what you need to do

Often your clients don’t fully appreciate your time and they believe seemingly trivial tasks are all part of your standard fee. That is because your time is not well defined. Show your clients just how much you do by providing a thorough list of the work involved to generate the extra benefits and value you can provide for them. Quantify how much of your firm’s precious time it will take.

PRICE your advice  

Don’t be shy to show what your time is worth. Provide a clear estimate of your price for the recommendations outlined. Furthermore, reiterate just how much BETTER OFF THEY WILL BE, even after your fees, if they agree to implement your recommendations.

Close the deal

Finally, providing clients with the next steps they need to take as soon as possible, will prompt them to move forward. Create some urgency, while making it easy for them to accept, so that you can also move forward with confidence.

Now you know, the next time your client is looking for advice, you don’t need to give them all the answers immediately.

Pause. Take a breath.

Let them know you’re happy to help and will get back to them shortly.

Then, with the ChangeGPS VPP Method, you can give your client the valuable advice they need - and be rewarded the way you deserve!

Stuck for the right words?

At ChangeGPS, we provide you with ready-made client emails for compliance and new service offerings as apart of our Core Pro membership. For example, in our FBT VPP Email, we explain to clients that by lodging an FBT return when no FBT is payable, it turns on a three-year deadline for the ATO to commence audit activities. This 'de-risks' your client and 'de-risks' your accounting firm., while growing your revenue. To see the FBT System and VPP Email in action, book in a time to chat with our Membership Team.


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