Blueprint Structure Diagram

Do your clients find it difficult to understand their business structure?

A diagram is great - but this can take your team up to an hour to put together.

Wouldn't it be great to push one button and instantly have a professional business structure diagram, automatically grouped for you, with all key information on it?

All this in less than 5 seconds?

Finally, you can with "Blueprint" by ChangeGPS.

Blueprint reads your Xero Practice Manager data, and creates your diagram using relationship information.

You can easily insert a title at the top of the page, overlay "risk" and "asset" watermarks for asset protection diagrams, add in proposed new entities for discussions with clients, and add your own lines and comments to explain the flow of cash or profits.

And you can easily adjust anything on the diagram by dragging and dropping on the screen. Wow! So easy, so fast, and so helpful for your clients.

Blueprint is designed to help you help your clients to instantly understand your advice - and this makes it much easier for your client to say "yes" to structure advice that you give them. Used properly, Blueprint will easily generate thousands of dollars of extra revenue for you each month.

Why not use a Blueprint diagram in every client meeting?

Unlimited structure diagrams for as little as $4 a day ($110 p/m)

Blueprint has no lock in period, no contract, cancel anytime - but why would you?

"Blueprint" by ChangeGPS - The smart way to grow your accounting business!

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System Requirements: Mobile device or desktop running either Windows or Mac OSX, with suitable browser installed (Google Chrome works perfectly!) and internet connectivity. Requires Xero Tax / Xero Practice Manager for database integration.