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Making accounting
You'll be making more.
You'll be doing
what matters.
We do the repetitive stuff.
We do the fluffy stuff.
You do what matters.

Software for practice management and
compliance advisory—for accountants of all sizes.

[Live Event]- A Better Future for Accountants.

Join ChangeGPS Founder Timothy Munro and CEO David Boyar for an afternoon of discussion around the future of accounting practice

They'll help you make major decisions that impact the type of practice you want to lead.

You'll leave the session with the confidence ,skills and tools to lead your practice forward.

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Legendary frontline accounting apps that
transform your practice and your working life.

From blueprints and plans, to templates and tools, to sales and marketing. From tax planning to client
communications, from structure charts to practice management. We do it all, so you can do what matters.

Pick your first app

You start with the app that delivers the early wins — maybe TaxPlan in March, Progress in August, or Core and Engage any time of year. You dial up profitability and dial down stress.

Your profit matters.

Make more money

You transform fees across your practice, using our system of tools, wizards and templates to price services for value, properly monetise advice, and dial up client requests.

Your practice matters.

Do what matters

Your time is freed up. You’re making more money than ever. You’re supported by an incredible community. This is real. Your practice is flourishing, you’re planning your next business moves.

Your lifestyle matters.

Four apps with life-changing tools,
templates & systems for your practice.


Next-level accounting practice in a box.


Communicate and bill for the real value of advice.


Tax advisory as a business. Not a chore.


Less time spent, more impact on clients.

“Thanks GPS — you’re the market leaders
with your fingers on the pulse”.

Chris — Ceebeks Solutions for GOOD

From new solo practices to large
firms, we’ve got you covered.

You’re small and maybe getting established

You don’t have time to waste years developing hit-and-miss templates and tools—get best practice in a box with 500+ documents.

Startup—fast-track growth with the tools, templates & workpapers of bigger firms.
Standardise—align systems for scale & growth, bulk communicate with clients.
Stay up to date—effortless latest tax strategy with 90+ pre-written plans & 25 reminders.

Multi-partner accounting firms

You’re managing risk, staff & partners—get standardised tools & systems to drive up efficiency & drive down costs.

De-risk—professional compliance advice reports in plain language for client sign-off.
Standardise—custom support to roll out customised templates to the whole business.
Save time—160+ letter templates, each produced and emailed in less than 2 minutes.

Larger accounting firms

You’re across sites & specialisations—get your entire team excited to use tools & systems that nurture clients up your value chain.

Train—custom recorded training & custom live webinars to engage your entire team.
Standardise—scale your compliance advisory & easily give smaller clients premium service.
Save time—160+ letter templates, each produced and emailed in less than 2 minutes.

On Demand CPD- How to Reprice Your Compliance Clients for Next Financial Year

Demand for your accounting compliance services is through the roof and it has never been harder to get staff. Inflation is high and you are working as much as ever.

The logical thing to do is increase your prices — but it's hard. Legacy clients have always paid for things the same way, you are scared that some will leave or maybe worse, talk badly about you.

Watch ChangeGPS CEO, David Boyar, and Founder, Timothy Munro, to get the confidence and exact skills you need to re-price your compliance clients for 2023 — and be paid what you are worth!

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