We create Apps for Accountants that make it faster + easier to offer better advice + more services to their clients. How?

  1. Faster + Better Advice: ChangeGPS uses XPM data to create "instant" (5 min or less) client advice reports in colour - Tax Planning Advice, Business Structure Diagram, Business Structure Advice, Annual Tax Summary (family group report), plus lots more.

  2. More Services: Our exclusive VPP method (Value, Plan, Price) helps to easily move accountants from Compliance up to the next step of "Compliance Plus" to give their clients the advice they've been looking for - and we've "cracked the code" to help Accountants to properly "monetise" their advice! 

This is the thing:

ChangeGPS makes more use of your XPM data than any other App!

Such as using XPM Client...

ChangeGPS makes XPM far more useful than for just timesheets and tax returns.

ChangeGPS is available in 5 different monthly subscription packages ranging from $11 a day to $32 a day for up to 15 users.

You can generate all of the above documents / reports in between 30 seconds and 5 minutes, and most can be "monetised" - advice that you can charge the client for.

For example:

When used properly, ChangeGPS will easily give you a ROI of 10 to 20 times its monthly price...

Can you make better use of your XPM data?

To help, see the potential for your accounting business, download your free copy of the ChangeGPS Playbook. This outlines 8 key ways an accounting business can create a monthly ROI of 10 to 20 times the monthly price of ChangeGPS - why wouldn't you choose Xero + ChangeGPS! 

ChangeGPS - it makes the best use of XPM, and it's the winning choice for accountants!

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About Xero Practice Manager

Xero Practice Manager is your total practice solution to streamline your workflow and manage client work easily and efficiently on a single cloud platform.

  • Monitor jobs in real time. Manage workflow and recover costs quickly with the real-time view of ongoing jobs and work in progress.
  • Invoice clients fast. Convert work-in-progress records to invoices and send them directly to clients within the one tool.
  • Define your own jobs. Create tasks and monitor staff performance, client profitability and other relevant measures.
  • Customise your reports, reduce overheads, integrate your client details and invoice information with other Xero tools.
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