ChangeGPS is simple yet extremely powerful - designed so you can focus on growing your accounting business, and spending time advising your clients.

We’re in business to help you re-think what it is to be an accountant. To put the spark back into your practice, build business and enhance your clients' wealth. If we could make that happen, wouldn’t you love what you do even more? We can make it happen. We’ve proved it.

We’re accountants too

In our own highly successful accounting & wealth business – Change Accountants & Advisors – we’ve embraced technology to enable improvement and energise our growth. We’ve used the practice as a lab to develop, test and refine our own tech – the ChangeGPS Platform. We love the results it brings and we know you’ll love it too.


  • We've SIMPLIFIED the entire client advice process and experience - modern, easy to use systems and client friendly documents so you can focus on "facetime" with clients rather than having to create documents when your team need them.
  • Have everyone in your accounting business using the same systems and documents from the one central source - for quality and efficiency.
  • You're leaving a big accounting business to start your own - and you want an instant set of proven systems and documents to immediately use.

You should easily generate far more in revenue than your monthly investment with ChangeGPS!

It’s working

We believe that changing to ChangeGPS is the best decision you can make. Over 2,000 accountants already use it, so you’ll be in good company. Those members are on the technology train because they know that tech is not just powering their future, but defining it.

Don't waste precious time re-creating or maintaining "the wheel" - use ChangeGPS as your platform to drive better habits and client outcomes and grow your accounting business!

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