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How Blue Edge achieved a 500% ROI with ChangeGPS.

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Like all great change-makers, Ben Duthie is driven by purpose.

A Partner at Blue Edge—a boutique accounting firm in Perth—he helps small businesses and high-value individuals succeed through advisory that matters.

Ben’s background gives him a unique perspective.

“I ran my own video game store in Darwin in the 90’s—then joined BDO—so almost one of the Big Four. Then I worked as an in-house accountant in property development” says Ben.

Having experienced all sides, Ben wanted to grow Blue Edge by maximising value for existing clients—rather than chasing new work.

By implementing all four ChangeGPS apps, he’s done just that.

Using our ‘Value, Price, Plan’ (VPP) model, Blue Edge achieved the growth they desired—with a 500% ROI in just 6 months.

Start smart—Engage

The first thing Ben noticed was how ChangeGPS helped Blue Edge live their values.

He uses Engage to quickly send electronic engagement letters, freeing up his time to focus on what matters—outstanding advisory.

And by using Engage’s fixed fee benchmarks—even just as a starting point—clients know Blue Edge bill for value, not time.

It’s not just the engagement letters that align with Ben’s vision. It’s also the webinars.

“They helped us shift to a value-based pricing model by explaining the value to clients—ChangeGPS communicates it to them clearly and from the very start,” he said.

A bonus was the connection with the ChangeGPS team.

“Tim and Dave were on the same page—they just got us—they understood our goals, and gave us clear direction”, Ben says.

All the tools—CorePro

Working with family businesses, Ben’s the trusted advisor—and often first port of call for his clients.

He wanted software to build on that trust—with consistency of message, communication, and bulletproof tools to create value. With the CorePro ‘practice in a box’ model—he’s found that consistency. Across the hundreds of templates, workpapers and documents that service clients, Ben’s not only saving time, he’s building trust.

It’s not only standardised Blue Edge’s workflows—it’s made them several times faster.

When clients want a full valuation—or just some advice—Ben pulls a templated workpaper and gets back to them in minutes. It’s fully branded communication that’s professional and engaging for clients.

“The value created for clients is completely clear—and we bill on it—but the time investment is a tiny fraction”, says Ben.

CorePro offers so much value itself, that Ben’s excited about the changes opening up.

“We’ve barely scratched the surface, but CorePro’s already changed Blue Edge for the better. Instead of giving away advice over the phone, we build document packs and email them directly to clients. And because our staff are all using the same templates, our advice is consistent—across the board.”

Even when challenges arise, Ben can rely on ChangeGPS. He recently let go of a troublesome client—and used the letters in CorePro to guide the process. “Nobody wants to go through that, but having reliable, up-to-date advice makes it easier to navigate.”

Proactive planning—TaxPlan

Proactive scenario planning is key to Blue Edge’s advisory.

And it’s not just about looking ahead. It’s also about helping clients assess their current situation.

With TaxPlan, Ben and his team run clients through different scenarios—and quickly compare the different tax savings of each strategy.

The automated advice and pre-written strategies make it easy for Blue Edge to quantify their value—and up their advisory margins. For a firm driven by maximising value for existing clients, it’s the perfect tool.

Ben knows what it means for small businesses owners to have faith in their advisor.

“I gave a client their end of year tax effect in May, and they texted me to say ‘Mate, you’re an absolute genius’. When I get a personal message like that—just to say thank you—I get a real buzz”.

Maximise margins—Progress

Ben had been looking for other ways to improve Blue Edge’s margins—but didn’t want to sacrifice their client satisfaction.

With Progress, he found his solution.

“Clients used to just get a one page cover letter of their annual tax summary”, says Ben. “It wasn’t what you’d call an impressive document”.

Using Progress, Ben now gives clients a 20-page, polished document with detailed analysis of their year. ATO benchmarking data, tailored tax advice, and year-on-year comparisons all show clients exactly how Blue Edge goes above and beyond—all in a report that took minutes to generate.

For lower fee clients, Blue Edge charges a 20% uplift in fees. With bigger groups, the uplift is touching 10-20%.

“There’s so much value in the reports, our clients don’t mind paying a bit more. In fact, the annual report gives such detailed, helpful analysis, clients are calling us asking for the same service every year. It’s an incredible tool to offer.”

The VPP effect

In just six months, Blue Edge got a 500% ROI from implementing the full ChangeGPS stack. It’s improved their workflows, increased their margins—and created consistent, professional communications.

Clients get a better service—and have full trust in their advisor. And for Ben, the ‘Value, Plan, Price’ model enables his goal—to provide maximum value through advisory that matters.

Book a time to discover how ChangeGPS can help you change your practice where it matters—and change your clients’ financial lives.


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