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Step Up: Make annual meetings matter with Progress.

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The annual meeting—it’s a crucial moment with clients.

You could be making it matter more.

For clients, the annual meeting is the chance to get out of the weeds and into the big picture.

For accountants, the annual meeting is the time to get front and centre in your clients’ minds—if you can move beyond annual tax summaries and into meaningful conversations.

It’s your best opportunity to set up the next 12 months of valuable advisory work.

But this is exactly when most accountants undersell their services.

Whether it’s walking clients through hard-to-read spreadsheets, or just finding it hard to open a conversation about new services—it’s too often a lost opportunity.

And that’s exactly why we made Progress.

Progress beautifully presents tax summaries, for easy digestion, all without the legwork. Then it gives you the tools to introduce new services, and educate clients on why they matter.

Confident conversations.

Talking about new advisory services can be a challenge. Being proactive is good—but you’re worried clients may react badly. For accountants, selling can feel dirty—but skipping services can sell your client short.

Progress removes the pressure.

It frames the whole meeting with a good, old-fashioned agenda—carefully crafted to create value. It’s customisable, and frames the whole conversation. Clients are prepared for the meeting, so you look professional—and there are no surprises when discussing new services.

Progress even provides sample questions to guide meaningful conversations—like ‘what's important in your life?’, or ‘what would a great year look like’? Questions like these (see our sample agenda) transform tax-focused conversations into strategic service planning.

With deeper client understanding, you better tailor your advisory—and win more work.

No more undersold advisory.

When clients only see you as a tax advisor, you both get shortchanged. They miss out on valuable advice—and you leave the door open for them to find it elsewhere.

But Progress centres around ChangeGPS’ proven Value, Plan, Price (VPP) model. It gives you the materials and tools to educate clients on the value of advisory. So growth comes from existing clients—not newly acquired ones.

The clear, compelling charts and graphs in Progress’ annual summary make it easy to walk clients through tax position—so you use your time planning the future. Then automated reminders reinforce your tax planning advice—and your value—throughout the year.

Just like all of the ChangeGPS tools, Progress communicates pricing loud and proud. It lists the full spectrum of your services—with industry bench-marked pricing—so you can be confident when pitching to clients.

Better (than) spreadsheets.

It’s easy to get stuck in a spreadsheet trap—offering analysis and advisory verbally and on the fly—while clients drill into hard-to-read spreadsheet summaries. Excel takes centre stage—and gives the mistaken impression that anyone could prepare the work.

But Progress offers professional reports in seconds—all custom branded with your letterhead and staff profiles—and all presenting the real conversation around value.

It’s impressive—and you stand out from the accountant down the road.

Even group summaries become simple. You summarise key metrics, create assessments—and help clients manage cash flow by highlighting future tax payments and shareholder distributions.

Progress even automates advisory. Whether it’s advice on GST adjustments, Xero, expense taxes, or DIV7A loans—the standardised, pre-written advice saves you hours of work.

Instead of spending the annual meeting poring over tax spreadsheets, Progress frees up your time for the conversations that matter.

Beyond the numbers.

Progress transforms the annual meeting to transform the year ahead.

It helps you give your client a clear strategy for the financial year ahead—so you can get out of reactive mode. Without it, business events and lifestyle changes come seemingly out of the blue—at least to clients.

Progress helps you get proactive. Beyond the meeting agenda, you get a suite of tax tips to share with clients—at the meeting and beyond—which creates a regular awareness of tax advice.

With ATO bench-marked data, Progress shows clients how they’re performing compared to their peers. As they consider the bigger picture and what they want to achieve, you offer valuable advice.

You build on the trusted advisor role—and save your clients on business coach fees.

Long lunch prestige.

The annual meeting was always an important face-to-face relationship builder—a way to make clients feel valued. COVID lockdowns have taken a bat to that possibility—but Progress brings back all the prestige of a long lunch—even on a Zoom meeting.

Holding up tax forms on Zoom won’t cut it—you look more like the tax-man than the accounting superman. So Progress’ impressive annual summary leaps off the screen and shows clients your professionalism and care.

So instead of ‘Zoom doom’, the slick 25-page report shows all the group’s data—from the family trust to mum and dad’s individual reports. It benchmarks ATO data, so clients can see the average rate of tax across the board—and the value you’ve created throughout the year.

Make progress this year.

Your annual meetings can reach another level—and set up your practice for a great year. Selling new services to clients all starts with the right conversations—so Progress empowers you to have them.

Less acquisition cost. Better work. Better margins.

All you need to make the year matter.

Progress’ Annual Summary from ChangeGPS is available in our meetings app.
Contact us today— for a demo with a membership consultant.


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