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Grow What Matters: How ‘Value, Plan, Price’ transforms your practice.

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Value. Plan. Price.

It’s a mantra around ChangeGPS—it boils down all of our work to change everything holding our industry back.

Too many accounting practices grow slowly and without growing margins. They’re stuck in the ‘grey area’—knowing the difference their services make to clients—but struggling to bill for that value. Accountants care so much about clients, they actually get worried when work taking just minutes is worth thousands to clients.

It’s made accountants scared to be proactive with sales. It’s kept practices trapped in slow growth—and the wrong kind of growth.

We built ChangeGPS around the ‘Value, Plan, Price’ model to bring faster and better growth into the DNA of every practice that joins us.

It’s at the heart of ChangeGPS—and helps us make accounting practices life-changing—for accountants and their clients.

Putting value first.

Quantifying value is a core skill for us accountants. But there’s a blind spot when it comes time to quantifying our own.

That’s why ChangeGPS has scenario planning at its core. We establish baselines for clients, then show the ‘what-ifs’. Did you save them unnecessary tax? Did you keep them compliant? Update their deeds? Did you reduce their risk profile for ATO or FBT audits?

Our scenario tools bring value to life for clients—using the ‘what-ifs’ to paint a vivid picture of all your accounting advice. From pain that’s been avoided, to hard gains made, to lifestyle benefits that flow for clients from the right mix of services.

For scenario planning, our 20+ VPP templates provide the strategic thinking—all based on the Value, Plan, Price model—then you apply your judgment and nuance to them. We even automate parts of the process—like when TaxPlan pulls data and generates strategic advice.

It’s a winning combination for your clients.

It puts ‘value’ front and centre—as what really matters.

Planning with and for.

In the Value, Plan, Price model, planning is all about transparency. It’s about opening the door to clients and planning alongside them—not firing off sales letters (or thinking you should).

Too many of us assume that clients don’t want to spend any money. We’re in a kind of siege mode after decades of charging for tax returns—all while being the trusted advisor on the fly.

Sometimes we all need help to lift our vision.

That’s why ChangeGPS offers the materials, tools and processes to educate clients on the available services—and the value they’ll create (a 15-min demo could realistically save you days and make you thousands). It’s the storytelling muscle that us accountants—always so good at reading the numbers—have forgotten to exercise.

Planning starts with strong materials to educate clients from the very first moment of engagement. Engage memberships offer 17 distinct steps listed out in the engagement letter. Core memberships offer monthly client emails offering sessions about which your clients are already aware.

So estate planning, taxflow planning, deed reviews and more—they’re all selling themselves, every month, to clients who know how it can help.

And not just any clients—but the best clients.

They’re already onboarded. They’re already in your systems.

They already know not to expect free-advice-on-the-fly.

They offer exactly the right kind of practice growth.

Getting price right.

Let’s face it—accountants get pricing wrong.

They systematically undervalue impact—and it’s not doing clients any favours. It pushes valuable advisory engagement into an ad-hoc basis, where the 5-minute call becomes the 10 or 15-minute call—rushed, unwritten and hard for the client to retain.

Accountants link time spent to pricing in a way that lets down their business, lets down their capacity—and ultimately lets down their clients. While we laugh at lawyers, we struggle to marry our pricing with our passion for helping clients.

So while many accountants sometimes fantasise about upfront pricing, they struggle to take the leap of faith.

ChangeGPS solves that.

We don’t shy away from pricing. There are no awkward silences. We’re upfront and proud on pricing—and we’ve built the entire communications platform you need to be proud of your pricing too.

From engagement to monthly letters to the annual meetings—we educate clients every step of the way not just on value—but on pricing that keeps in step with industry trends. Our new Progress module—for use at end of FY when you have undivided client attention—lists the full spectrum of your services, with industry-benchmarked (and editable) pricing.

Your clients link price to value. You’re never seen as an outlier. Your trusted advisor status is solid as a rock—the foundation of a great practice.

Growth is good.

How you think about growth matters. Getting the right kind of growth for your practice matters. ChangeGPS pioneered the ‘Value, Plan, Price’ model to solve our industry’s legacy issues, and help you transform your practice.

Register now to try one of our client emails for free—and see how easy the right kind of practice growth can be with ChangeGPS.


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