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It’s More About You Than Tech: Why We Made Engage

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Let’s get one thing straight—we love tech. It can automate, it can liberate—in fact it’s exactly how ChangeGPS helps frontline accountants build and run better practices.

But there’s a problem.

We love accountants more than tech. We want tech that’s built around the value accountants create—and we hear about too many accounting practices twisted around tech for tech’s sake.

If a tech solution doesn’t immediately and significantly increase revenue for an accounting practice, then it’s already dropped the ball. If a tech solution to engagement only promises to increase efficiency, it’s only likely to attract low-margin clients. And what’s the point of scaling a practice that’s leaving huge possible margins on the table?

Our members told us that most accounting engagement tech is designed from a tech point of view—and overlooks the actual accountants. So we built our new Engage package in response, to bring profitable frontline accounting back into focus—putting tech in the engine bay, not the driver’s seat.

Here’s why.

Only scale what works.

We build our apps out of the templates and tools that make accountants the most money. Just like your accounting practice should, we only scale what actually works. During Jobkeeper we saw huge uptake from members of our engagement letters—with huge billings flowing from them.

So while all accountants across the country struggled under Jobkeeper, our members at least dialled up their billings—our engagement tools were like oxygen masks that kept member accountants breathing so they could keep client businesses alive.

That’s our model—the tech follows the accounting. Through events, webinars, conversations and software data, we facilitate a community of best-practice accounting, and elevate the materials and systems that actually work.

The end of ‘end-to-end’.

Tech-first software engineers see ‘end-to-end’ as a holy grail that trumps just about everything else. We’re more concerned with what’s in the middle—accounting. Tech for tech’s sake offers bells and whistles that tick the box on ‘end-to-end’—but loses sight of what matters with engagement—ethical compliance and setting client expectations.

When we drilled into engagement from an accountant-first perspective, we discovered the right engagement letter could open up newly profitable throughlines from engagement to servicing and billing—one client alone used our engagement methods to win over $50k in billings from existing clients.

Our engagement templates explain services so that clients are set up to see the real value of your advice—not demand endless cycles of advice and time under the one billing item of ‘lodgement’. Instead we break down that one item into 17 sensible service description lines that educate all clients so they become better clients—and pay better too.

Multiply that by 50 pre-written, proven, benchmarked engagement letters, and you have an idea of how Engage moves beyond ‘end-to-end’ for its own sake—and is built on tech that follows the accounting—not the other way round.

Paying the piper, or getting paid?

Payment. Yep, it’s important. There’s nothing wrong with integrating payments into your system—and we all know tech is good at that (hello, PayPal billionaires).

But if your software provider has a business model built around taking a clip of payments, the tech’s gone too far. Sure it’s only 2%. Sure, you can build that into billings. But if your software is so focused on payments that it forgets to help dial up your margins, that 2% can eat up to 10% or 20% of your margin. There are better ways to use that money.

Again—nothing wrong with using tech for payments. But the credit card platform/tech alliance needed a rethink. That’s why we integrated GoCardless and QuickFee Instalments into Engage—with the cheapest transaction cost and absolutely best terms. So instead of 2% and days (a week?) waiting, our members are getting 1% plus 30c capped at $4.

It doesn’t stop there. We built Engage and its payment integrations to give members a complete direct debit mandate. No more chasing clients with cancelled cards—and we all know bank accounts rarely change. So, bills due? New services? Bill them—and with GoCardless members get the cash the next working day.

We’ve taken Engage even further to get accountants paid on time. Engage’s QuickFee instalments makes ‘buy now, pay later’ an affordable reality for clients who need it—so no more funding and chasing client debt. For a flat rate, you outsource the headaches, not the billings.

Use the tech—don’t become it.

To a hammer, everything looks like a nail. To tech-first software providers, every business should follow startup fundamentals—use tech to get market share, then scale up. Profit can come later—right?

Wrong. Not in accounting.

We serve real businesses, and these are real people’s lives. These are our lives, and our profitability should be more than an afterthought. It’s why we learned our lessons from Jobkeeper—and it’s why we made Engage to set frontline accountants up for success—not tech for tech’s sake.

Schedule a demo—we’ll show you how to get started earning what you deserve.


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Let’s get one thing straight—we love tech. It can automate, it can liberate—in fact it’s exactly how ChangeGPS helps frontline accountants build and run better practices.