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We’re Changing—a New Era for ChangeGPS

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You might have heard—our memberships are changing, and we’re introducing some powerful new apps. Estate Planning, payments and Xero Blue integrations—and a heap more described below. Members are migrating to new plans, and we’re loving the chance to talk with so many accountants about how their investment pays off.

But it’s more than new levels of membership. It’s more than pricing that reflects value. It’s another big step in helping accountants rethink how we value ourselves as professionals—with the tools to help clients value us.

Why? The clue’s in the name.

Since Tim Munro founded ChangeGPS in 2008 we’ve always been about changing accountants' lives—so they can better help Australian mums and dads change their lives.

In the years since, using ChangeGPS has become a kind of movement in accounting—as much a way of life as a set of tools. We support accountants to go beyond efficiency savings, beyond the narrowing growth channel of acquisition, and towards the kind of modern businesses we’d all probably advise our own clients to have.

So let’s look at how the change has come about—and how it can help your firm do what matters.

Investing in Change

Our prices have gone up—let’s not sugar coat it. Change takes investment—sometimes from all of us.

When I started as CEO, Tim and I developed a plan to reinvest in ChangeGPS. When COVID hit, our plans didn’t go out the window—instead they came into extreme focus. Jobkeeper taught us some big lessons about supporting accountants at crunch time. Pressure? You bet.

COVID itself triggered a wave of reliance and pressure upon software. Zoom became a household name—with tiny flaws in its security front page news. Software was always critical infrastructure—but there was suddenly no room for error. Virtually every software company rethought security and integration. All through 2020, prices went up across the board—including increases of up to 300% in some very well known software.

The pressure’s not just COVID-related. As our tax system evolves ever further towards digital, ChangeGPS is obsessed with de-risking the practices of all members. The TFN is just about the single most protected piece of privacy data in our country—so as the ATO gets tighter on digital, the big players in accounting software are updating their security protocols.

Those changes—and that de-risking—cascade down to all software providers. Last year at ChangeGPS we invested $250k in security—and that may well become a recurrent expense.

We’re not complaining. In fact we love it. We engaged the same security ANZ uses. They applied the rigour of their ISO27001 rating—and now we all sleep better, knowing you and your clients can sleep better too.

Proof is in the Profit

During Jobkeeper we were in constant contact with members, and got very granular about ChangeGPS-related revenue. There’s hard data on the profit firms are making with ChangGPS—and frankly, it’s staggering.

One member had a valued, long-term client practically begging them to do some estate planning. Our member knew it would take a week, and knew they just didn’t have a week up their sleeve. They used the ChangeGPS Estate Planning system—in a matter of days they’d billed $30k for a raft of valuable reports. Not only did they keep that old client happy—they drew serious new revenue from them.

One sole practitioner called us in an absolute buzz—he’d just charged $25k for an asset restructure using CGPS materials—and his client was absolutely rapt in the value it created. Another member started using our new Successor Director system in CorePro and billed $30k within the first month.

Still another member won over $50k in billings from clients using a single template from the new Engage app—that’s just one template out of 45 (and counting) in Engage (see more below). Last year our members used over 4000 ChangeGPS taxplans—which we recommend billing at $1k per plan.

You can see the pattern—the bulk of this billing comes from existing clients, while any new clients are immediately primed to understand your value.

That’s why we constantly develop new apps, new tools, new reports. Because as a member, you don’t even need new clients to radically grow your profit—but you do need the right tools and templates for engagement and service.

New Memberships, New Apps

For the full rundown on our new membership plans, jump over to our website. But here are some things we’re particularly proud of:

1. CorePro

‘Awesome’ is how members are describing the new Marketing system in CorePro. In a single swoop we’ve automated virtually all the client comms you need to introduce and bill for vital new services.

It tells you what to talk about with clients, and when. It gives you the email copy to send—clear, valuable, and inviting new revenue. It helps you productise your newly billed services with pricing in step with the sector, invoice narration, and engagement descriptions. It then isolates the services from the end of year billing—so no more confused clients, no more angry clients.

Then there’s the new FBT system. It solves an almost age-old problem for accountants—how to introduce FBT as a service without implying you’ve been overlooking it in the past. Our system frames the need for FBT in terms of the changed risk environment related to the STP deadline at June 30—so you’re seen as the solution, not the problem.

It then clearly explains the importance of FBT to clients, and runs with the FBT app itself to automate advice by auto-calculating employee reports. So FBT goes from the elephant in the room to money in the bank.

Next up? Our new Actions app is a game-changing approach to the single most important moment of client contact every year—the end of year meeting. No more blank pages, no more blank stares. Armed with the reports and agenda from Actions, you’ll easily direct and control meetings, and then easily record the outcomes.

Actions works hand-in-hand with our new Engage app—so your service descriptions, reports, and agenda items all match up. No more confusion for clients. No more struggle to keep your value clear. Messaging is tight, and your clients are educated over time. Actions even tracks the revenue generated from these meetings, and becomes a powerful management tool within your firm, to track and manage performance.

2. Engage App

While we’re on elephants in the room—let’s talk about engagement. We’re tackling our member’s most pressing needs head-on with a new app that onboards new clients and brings old clients into new services.

Engage is here—and it does what matters.

65 new users have signed up in just weeks and the feedback is phenomenal. Members are connecting payment options with GoCardless or QuickFee—and getting paid up front for new services.

Engage draws on our industry-wide perspective to benchmark pricing for services. Every month we personally speak to over 100 accountants to understand how services and pricing works in the real world—so the 45+ service descriptions of Engage are the absolute sweet spot of best practice and client perception.

Engage keeps your messaging tight and your clients crystal clear—for less bill shock and more positive experience. And you don’t just impress new clients—over time Engage educates all your clients, so even bad clients become better clients.

3. TaxFlow

And then there’s TaxFlow—part of the new TaxPlanPro membership. We’re so excited about how much billing our members can generate with TaxFlow that we just published a whole article around it. TaxFlow helps you stop giving away advice on the fly, and start automating advice reports based on existing tax data—so with no extra work.

TaxFlow gives you a tax-related revenue stream all year round—with clear and billable outputs. It also moves your tax conversation out of the end of year panic zone, and into a series of client touchpoints for calmer times. TaxFlow creates golden opportunities to better leverage your relationship and knowledge for happier, better-paying clients.

Yep—we’re excited too!

Change for the Better

Everything changes. The difference with ChangeGPS is that every change that makes you more profitable, productive, and proactive—all while derisking your entire practice.

We’re proud of our changes. They’re up online for all to see. We’ll be moving existing members into new plans with new features. We’re happy to talk with you about the changes—on a call or a demo—any way that suits you.

Schedule a demo—we’ll show you how to make a change as good as a payday.


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