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It’s Tax Time, and Tax Planning Can Pay

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Tax planning time—does it feel like it’s getting earlier every year?

That’s because it is.

At ChangeGPS, we see the back-end activity of accountants using our features and templates to tax plan for clients. Every year we see more accountants accessing more tax planning features—and this year Tax Plans are up 206% on February 2020.

But as we get around and talk to the industry, we’re always surprised by how many accountants underestimate what’s possible with tax planning—not just creating value for clients, but building revenue at the same time as building client trust.

Giving it away.

Turns out, most accountants are giving away their tax planning advice on the fly. Those calls you get, the quick chats with clients about structuring tax? The reason they call is because they value knowing what to expect. If you’re giving that advice on the fly—and not billing for it—you’re creating a lose-lose for your practice and your clients.

It pays to get out of tax estimation, and give it that extra polish that makes it tax planning. Sure, you need to be up to date on the possible actions and strategies—and yes, it helps to know what new strategies the big firms are using. But that’s why ChangeGPS offers over 80 pre-written tax strategies, tax calculation workpapers, and 4 different reports to use—why wouldn’t you take advantage of them?

Heart of accounting.

But more than that, it’s time to consider taking the next, bigger steps in developing your client relationships. When you think of it, tax is generally one of the biggest expenses of the year. So tax planning is right at the heart of the accountant/client relationship. Where better to show your value than planning for the inevitable, unpalatable, and entirely predictable (to accountants) tax bill?

It’s easy to forget, people stay up at night worrying about surviving their tax bills. Their capacity to pay touches every aspect of their family and business life—schools, holidays, even health. So the peace of mind you can bring to clients can form a bedrock of trust for all your compliance advisory. It also explodes the myth that only bigger clients will pay for tax planning—with the right templates, tools, and reports, every one of your clients could be happily paying you for tax planning.

Grow with the (tax) flow.

Exactly because tax planning is a growing service, at ChangeGPS we’ve been hard at work developing an entirely new product and marketing system for tax cash flow planning. TaxFlow is an absolute game-changer because it automates 18 months of tax cash flow forecasting with data that’s already on the ATO system.

TaxFlow reaches in, extracts the real tax story, and then presents it to your clients with pre-written emails that make PAYG company tax a known and shown quantity. So you’re sending clients advice, not ATO documents. So—a few well-chosen clicks, and you’ve introduced a new service line, new revenue stream, and new opportunity to show real value to your clients.

You’re welcome!

Always this good.

But Tax Flow aside, ChangeGPS has always been this good at supporting you to get maximum value from tax planning time. Numbers don’t lie—and our member accountants leverage huge revenue from our tax planning tools. Established firms can bill upwards of $93k annually using their TaxPlan, while startup firms routinely nudge over $25k annually.

They do it because clients see and appreciate the value.

Our scenario planning tools help you show clients the dollars and cents you’ve saved with tax strategies. Multiple client education emails make your tax planning offer understood and value—whatever your client’s baseline. Over 17 pre-written end of year reminders keep the relationship warm with a simple click, and can even be automated.

When clients see you this masterful with tax planning—and as their financial literacy improves—you’re the natural resource they can rely on for important new services. So from asset protection strategies, to estate planning assistance, through to business structure adjustments and business valuations—you’re in the perfect position to radically increase billings.

Choose your level.

With the new ChangeGPS membership levels, you can decide exactly where to focus your tax planning work—and exactly how much you want to dial it up as a revenue stream.

TaxPlan Lite gives you all the fundamentals to confidently bill for your tax advice, and our new TaxPlan Pro offers advanced client reports and our new Tax Flow system.

Get in touch to schedule a demo —we’ll show you just how much Tax Planning can matter to your practice.


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