The ChangeGPS National Tour keynote
The ChangeGPS National Tour presenter
The ChangeGPS National Tour presenter
The ChangeGPS National Tour audience
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The ChangeGPS National Tour was a roadshow designed to inspire, motivate and show the tools to make tackling emerging accounting challenges easy. All presented by people who have done it! 

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The team and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. It was fantastic to be able to network with other people who had and hadn't used ChangeGPS to get their perspectives and feedback.

  The presentations were great and we learnt a lot from each of the presenters. We are looking forward to adding on to our existing subscription and to see how much more time and value we can add to our business
Marcus Benson

Practice Manager, Financial Utilities

Here's How the Days Ran

  • 8.00am | Registration and Partner Exhibition
    Get demonstrations and chat with staff from ChangeGPS and our sponsors in the Partner Exhibition.
  • 8.15am | Opening with David Boyar and Timothy Munro
  • 8.25am | Keynote: From Numbers to Narrative: Elevating Client Conversations with Jon Yeo
    We are taught how to reconcile bank accounts, read, and write well, but we aren’t taught how to talk well. Accountants are good with numbers, English? Not as much.   

    Accountants are being asked to do more in less time with more distractions than ever before, so as a leader of clients, how do you make sure that you connect?  

    This session will help you speak with warmth and clarity so you make an impact. 

    Accountants need communication skills to deliver increasingly complicated tax advice while changing client demands see accountants structure their approach to life and wealth transfer events.  
    You need to know the technical options, but to maximise your impact, have a structured way to present your advice.  
  • 9.25am | Product Launch: Protect with Timothy Munro
    Hear about our exciting new product and how it will unleash earning potential for your practice. 
  • 10.15am | Morning Tea and Partners Exhibition
    Refresh with a tasty snack and visit with staff from ChangeGPS and the event sponsors. 
  • 10.45am | Break into Streams for focused sessions
  • Stream 1: How I doubled my revenue and sold my practice with ChangeGPS from Seb Vecchio
    Seb Vecchio is a self-described slow learner who overcame health issues to build firms from his garage, sell a firm, and merge paper-based firms into a new tech-based firm, all while balancing family life and serving his clients.  

    Seb overcame financial challenges triggered by poor billing practices and large write-offs by implementing ChangeGPS.  

    In 2023, he sold his practice after doubling his revenue, thanks to ChangeGPS.
  • Stream 2: Huge Profit Increase: Unveiling the Three Core Drivers for Accounting Firm Profits with Sharon McClafferty

    Prepare to have some fun and be shocked with what is possible for you and your firm in 2024. 
    Sharon will share three things with the biggest impact on EBIT for accounting firms and how to decisively pull those levers in your firm and will back it up with the financial performance of six accounting firms that engage Slipstream Group and use Change GPS tools: 

      - A solo-partner accounting firm with organic growth of 30%.
      - A two-partner firm whose actual profit in $ more than doubled in a single year.
      - A firm that doubled revenue and tripled profit in 2 years, with only a 50% growth in headcount.

    You will leave this session with a new perspective on your business and a plan for what activities to focus on to achieve significant results. 
    This session is most suited to owners of accounting firms with revenue of $1m to $10M. 

  • Stream 3: A happy life – how to de-stress your workload with ChangeGPS from Aaron Hart
    When building your career, a mix of stress, pressure and wanting to get the most out of your work life while not compromising on your values can make delivering quality work a challenge.  
    Join this session to learn exactly how to eliminate stress by accessing a playbook for the most common client situations with a deep dive into ChangeGPS Products.
  • 12.00pm | Networking Lunch and Partner Exhibition
    Enjoy the complimentary lunch.
  • 1.00pm | T10 - CPD Power Play where every minute counts with Timothy Munro and David Boyar

    In this groundbreaking CPD format, hear 10x10 minute CPD sessions packed with a blast of topics on issues you are facing right now. Get only the information you need from experts without the fluff. 

    No thought leadership. Just actionable advice and the tools to execute it.  

    See how it’s done, plan how to do it yourself and leave with an action plan on your device.  

    Share your action plan with your account manager to have it added to your firm improvement plan at your next check-in.  

    This is CPD, where every minute counts.  

  • 2.30pm | Keynote: The ChangeGPS Method in Action with David Boyar
  • 3.00pm | Close

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