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Well done!

Thanks for a getting in touch, you're doing what matters. We'll be in touch soon.


Clients are calling less, paying more, and know they’re saving money—there’s just no downside”.

Unni Ashok, STP Consulting

From Deloitte to Director:
The startup and success of STP Consulting.

A born changemaker, Unni Ashok is driven to make a difference. After leaving Deloitte to set up STP, he now transforms his clients’ lives with the help of ChangeGPS’ legendary frontline accounting apps. He used ChangeGPS to:

Increase client tax savings by $12k
Advise clients on industry changes—before they happen
Join a community of successful, like-minded accountants

The right start

Four years ago, Unni set up Success Tax Professionals Consulting Group—with value creation central to their billing model. The independence gives him freedom to focus on making a difference where it matters most—to clients.

Software that matters

After an easy onboarding process, joining ChangeGPS paid off fast. With STP and our tax planning services we achieved on average $12k in tax savings and $10k in Super contributions for our clients—all in the first year.

Rising to challenges

Unni knew that convincing marketing was the bullseye. When COVID threatened to overwhelm the industry, ChangeGPS produced a continuity plan for Unni to send to his clients. “Suddenly I was on the front foot, answering questions before clients asked them”.

More than the bargain

Unni got more than he bargained for—and used ChangeGPS to stay on mission and make a difference. Even during a tough year, he updated clients on industry changes before they‘d even heard changes were coming.

“Clients are winning in their financial lives—they’re literally lining up to make us video testimonials.”

Unni Ashok

STP Consulting

Apps That Made It Happen

Core - PRO

  • Emails to contact clients
  • Apps to do work
  • Reports to display value

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