Structure Advice

How long does it take your accountants to put together a Business or Investment Structure Advice Report for your clients? A few hours? A day?

Would you like to be able to create a stunningly beautiful structure advice report for your clients in colour, with pre-written content, an action plan with up front quote and a diagram - all in less than 5 minutes?

Finally, you can with "Structure" by ChangeGPS.

With "Structure" you simply answer up to 10 questions about your client's needs, and up to 6 different structure options are automatically recommended to you, along with options for separate risk and asset holding entities. 

The advantages and disadvantages of the chosen structure are automatically included in your report, and you can customise any of the wording yourself if you like.

A proper written advice report ensures your clients don't misunderstand anything and try to blame you in the future.

Key Features of the App

  • quick, easy + simple
  • snap-to a recommendation
  • save + load for even faster output
  • asset holding entity options
  • add your fees + payment advice
  • branded with logo & contact info 
  • if you use Xero Practice Manager (XPM), you can use your client contact data to auto-fill name + email address info

The Value to You - $500? $7,500? Even more?

A report of this quality allows you to easily charge your clients a minimum of $500 plus for your advice. How many of these reports can your accoutants create each month.

Used properly, Structure will easily generate thousands of dollars of extra revenue for you each month.

Hear what our client's say about the ROI they have gained from using our Structure report application.

Massive ROI

You can start using "Structure" (and much more) right now as part of the GPS CORE Pack for just $14 per day ($440 per month) for a minimum 12 month subscription.

You only need to do one structure report per month to cover this. It’s that easy.

You get immediate breakeven – and then every additional Structure report you charge clients for is 100% profit to you!

And with all the other resources and tools in ChangeGPS, like us you’ll find your team will use it all year for communicating and delivering your value to clients.

"Structure" by ChangeGPS - The smart way to grow your accounting business!

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