ServicePlan (+ Potential)

Do you want to grow your accounting business - but where do you start?

Do you know which services are used by your clients? Do you know which clients or which service types to focus on?

Finally, you can with "ServicePlan" by ChangeGPS.

"ServicePlan" is all the key services an accounting business offers, already setup for you - broken down into 3 areas - Compliance, Business Advice, and Wealth Advice. 

You simply click or touch each tile to toggle the colours between Green for "your client uses this service", Blue for "you would like to recommend this service to your client", and Red for "your client does not want this service". 

It takes less than 30 seconds to do this, and then you can print to PDF a beautiful one page ServicePlan for your client, in colour. Use this in your next client meeting to easily explain all of the services you can offer to your client, in particular what you'd like to recommend for them over the next 6 months. Wow - this makes it so easy for all in your team to offer new services to your clients.

And here's the killer feature: Click on "Potential" to see all services across your entire firm. For the first time, you can now see the real potential for different services to offer your clients, and you can easily spot areas to grow your business. Easily this report broken down by client, and export a list of clients and email addresses that you can filter by service and import into your marketing engine for targeted marketing campaigns.

Key Features of the App's

  • quick, easy + simple
  • all services on one screen/page
  • save and build on each time you meet with your client
  • capture notes and activity by the team in the log
  • customise the service list to suit your offering
  • filter by client manager & partner
  • if you use Xero Practice Manager (XPM), you can use your relationship data to auto-fill client group names, email addresses

The Value to You?

Take a ServicePlan into every client meeting to educate them about the key services they will need (to achieve their goals) over the next 12 months. With endless opportunities and new services requested, and only 1 minute or less to generate, you do the math!

Unleash the Potential of your accounting business by choosing a key service each quarter to focus on (based on ServicePlan data) and instantly export email addresses ready for importing into your email marketing engine. You'll save hours of your time filtering through your client listing to get the right message to the right audience each marketing email you send.

Hear what our client's say about the ROI they have gained from using our ServicePlan.

Massive ROI

You can start using our "ServicePlan" (and much more) right now as part of the GPS CORE Pack for just $14 per day ($440 per month) for a minimum 12 month subscription.

And with all the other resources and tools in ChangeGPS, like us you’ll find your team will use it all year for communicating and delivering your value to clients.

"ServicePlan" by ChangeGPS - The smart way to grow your accounting business!

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