Would you like to improve the productivity of your accounting business?

Would you like everyone in your team to do things the same, for consistency?

Would you like a collection of amazing resources for an accounting business that are continually maintained and updated throughout the year - without any effort or time needed by you?

Finally, you can with "Resources" by ChangeGPS.

"Resources" gives your accounting and admin teams all the key resources they'll use everyday to offer, engage and deliver services, including:

  • fee proposals
  • FPA calculators
  • meeting agendas & client plans
  • marketing flyers & campaign content
  • client articles & video scripts
  • checklists, workpapers, reports and more

Simply click on the main area you need, then select the document. 

It's amazingly fast to use, and you have a search bar at the top which makes finding the document you need so easy even if you don't know its name.

Your clients will love the simplicity of any documents they receive, and your team will love being able to do their work in a fraction of the time it currently takes them.

And here's two killer features: by using Resources, you get everyone in your team doing the same work, the same way, for every client. Plus, the award-winning team at Change Accountants & Advisors keep everything up to date for you. Automatically.

Why recreate the wheel?

Key Features of the App

  • quick, easy + simple
  • 30 key areas, 360+ documents
  • kept up to date for you
  • professionally presented content
  • all .docx or .xls format for flexibility in use

The Value to You

We know that even small accounting businesses can get faster year end work output from better workpapers, and extra revenue quickly earned from key templates in Resources, along with less time spent reinventing the wheel over and over. We do that for you!

With over 360 documents, including Business Year End Workpapers that give your accountants the key areas to review and prompts, but doesn't bog you down with an "audit" like approach so you can make good profit on the job. An Annual General Meeting Agenda that your accountants can use immediately after annual tax returns are prepared to meet with your client, to properly explain what has happened and focus on your client's personal needs for the next 12 months.

Plus templates for Business Valuation reports, Business Purchase Due Diligence reports, client factsheets, marketing emails, articles and more. All the essentials covered, in one place!

Hear what our client's say about the ROI they have gained from using our Resources.

Massive ROI

You can start using our "Resources" (and much more) right now as part of the GPS CORE Pack for just $14 per day ($440 per month) for a minimum 12 month subscription.

And with all these resources and other tools in ChangeGPS, like us you’ll find your team will use it all year for communicating and delivering your value to clients.

"Resources" by ChangeGPS - The smart way to grow your accounting business!

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