Annual Tax Summary

Do your clients actually read their year end financial statements?

Would you like to give your clients something more - something that makes you stand out from other accounting businesses - something that makes the year end process useful for more than just tax returns - something that helps your clients over the next 12 months and leads to more work for your business?

Finally, you can with "Annual Summary" by ChangeGPS.

"Annual Summary" includes graphs explaining tax% for the entire family or personal group and pre-written ideas for improvement for next year.

You simply use your client's completed tax returns to input key year end data for each individual and entity in your client group. This data is automatically saved and carried forward for use in future years. 

Then select from over 37 pre-written tax saving strategies to give your clients ideas for saving tax in the current financial year.

It takes just a few minutes to do this, and then you can print to PDF a beautiful Annual Summary Report for your clients in colour. The report includes an Agenda for an annual general meeting with your client - use this in your next client meeting to easily explain what has happened in the last financial year, and to set planning goals for the next 12 months. Wow - not only will this makes it so easy for all in your team to offer new services to your clients, but guaranteed to lead to extra work requests from your clients!

Your clients will love the colour graphs that easily explain why their tax has gone up or down compared to prior years, and other key financial areas as a combined family group - including all individuals and entities.

Key Features of the App

  • quick, easy + simple
  • comparison of income types
  • include BAS adjustments, Div.7a, future PAYG amounts, ATO benchmarking + distributions data
  • save this year + load next year for even faster output, roll forward key data for re-use
  • tailor the inbuilt agenda for each client group
  • 30+ pre-written issues/ideas for improvement to choose from, and 37+ pre-written tax saving ideas
  • if you use Xero Practice Manager (XPM), you can use your relationship data to auto-fill the group with client names, and contact information

Use the app's inbuilt COLLATE feature to combine the final year end report to your clients, with your Annual Summary report at the front, annual financial statements for each entity next, and then tax returns at the back - in less than 30 seconds!

It looks sensational and makes your business really stand out from the rest.

Hear what our client's say about the ROI they have gained from using our Annual Summary.

Massive ROI

You can start using "Annual Summary" for $330 per month for a minimum 12 month subscription, or combine it with the ChangeGPS Core Pack for just $25 per day ($770 per month).

Do one of these reports for every client group and see the new work roll in. It’s that easy.

And with all the other resources and tools in ChangeGPS, like us you’ll find your team will use it all year for communicating and delivering your value to clients.

"Annual Summary" by ChangeGPS - The smart way to grow your accounting business!

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